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April 30, 2021


Rabbi Yechezkel “Zeke” Moskowitz



Materia Partners on the U.S. National Lab Project Include Penn State, Project Will Target Critical Mineral Recoveries from Coal Byproducts

Inwood, NY (April 30, 2021) – Materia-USA, a next-generation developer for rare earth and critical mineral projects in the United States, announced today that the company has been awarded Option 1 (Second Phase) of a contract from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). Continuation of the contract will fund a feasibility study, which follows the successful completion of Materia’s initial conceptual designs for a facility that will conduct reclamation of rare earths and critical minerals from an unconventional feedstock - in this case, coal measure underclay’s in central Pennsylvania. Work will commence on May 3, 2021.

The first phase of the DOE-funded work focused on Materia’s conceptual design for rare earths and other critical minerals reclamation through unconventional methods utilizing coal-based resources. Building on this conceptual design, the feasibility study will detail the economic benefits of the concept, in addition to the environmental impact of the design through a life cycle analysis (LCA) of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) in partnership with the Global Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WtERT).

Materia will be conducting the feasibility study through an expansion of its ongoing partnership with Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, as well as many other local stakeholders in the Appalachian region, expediting its work of securing a full-scale facility for non-conventional extraction of rare earths, critical minerals and carbon biproducts from coal and other reclamation sources.

“We are excited about Materia’s continued relationship with NETL and the DOE. This feasibility study is another critical step in our work towards a sustainable future for the coal industry in a post-fossil fuel age,” said Materia USA CEO, Rabbi Yechezkel “Zeke” Moskowitz. “The fact that the Biden Administration is taking an active role in our work means that the administration understands that rare earth and critical mineral extraction via reclamation work is not only an option but also economically viable – it’s truly exciting.”

“The expansion of our collaboration with Materia and NETL is an exciting development in our overall effort to support the creation of an Appalachian supply chain for critical minerals from coal-associated deposits and waste materials,” said Lee Kump, John Leone Dean in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. “This feasibility phase draws upon our expertise in economic analysis and environmental impact and our long history of collaborative work with government and industry. We look forward to the day that Appalachia is in full-scale production of these critical resources with a robust workforce simultaneously reclaiming abandoned mine lands, treating acid drainage, and removing coal wastes.”

Materia is also pleased to have the support of members of Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation.

“I was proud to support Materia-USA’s application to recover rare earth elements and critical minerals from Pennsylvania’s coal fields,” said Congressman Reschenthaler (PA-14). “By working to establish a reliable domestic supply of these resources through projects like this, we can support good-paying jobs and economic opportunities in our communities, eliminate significant sources of pollution such as acid mine drainage, and end our nation’s dependence on China and other foreign countries”.

“Pennsylvania has a great opportunity to become the epicenter for American innovation and the recovery of domestically sourced rare earth minerals. This will allow for an expanse of technological innovation and to strengthening our independence from foreign sources, which do not always have our best interests at heart,” said Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson. “NETL’s investments in Pennsylvania are an important step towards a stronger supply chain and further economic development in our communities.”

“Ensuring a reliable domestic supply of rare earth minerals remains a critical objective in strengthening our national security. I am grateful to the Department of Energy for its continued support of this project, which will help protect America’s energy independence, fortify our supply chain, and boost both environmental and commercial endeavors across Pennsylvania.”

About Materia Materia USA is a company that is actively seeking opportunities that accelerate and develop critical mineral projects in the United States from non-conventional sources. Fueled by a desire to source next-generation materials for an America-centered supply chain, Materia is developing advanced methods of recovery that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Materia is positioning itself to secure and utilize non-traditional sources for much needed American resources. As it continues to explore opportunities in non-conventional recovery and reclamation, in tandem, Materia is developing means to utilize coal in a post-fossil fuel age through the production of raw materials crafted from coal-based pitch and carbon fiber.

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